Keep Up With Each Other On Twitter & Instagram In One Place

No ads, promoted posts or irrelevant notifications. Gain privacy and security. Never miss an important post.

Launching this Spring.

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Get Organized

Posts are organized by person, people organized by group. See at a glance how many new posts each person has on Twitter and Instagram. Reply, re-post, or like Twitter and Instagram posts right from Xapnik.

Stay Sane

No more ads, promoted posts, trending topics, irrelevant notifications. Xapnik shows just the last 24 hours of posts so you can focus on what’s important and not go down the rabbit hole of stale content.

Save Time

Set it and forget it. Xapnik notifies you periodically if there are new posts from your people for both Twitter and Instagram. Turn off those noisy and irrelevant notifications directly from the platforms.

A Subscription Plan for Everyone


(no catches)

3 groups
7 members per group


or $79/year
(2 months free)

7 groups
15 members per group


or $249/year
(2 months free)

25 groups
25 members per group


or $999/year
(2 months free)

55 groups
45 members per group

How is Xapnik different from other social media management tools?

Xapnik doesn’t provide scheduling, analytics or monitoring. It’s a community app that allows you to invite people to private groups where everyone can easily keep track of and boost each other on Twitter and Instagram in one place.

How does Xapnik make it easier for me to get more out of social media?

  1. You can see Twitter and Instagram posts of your favorite people in one place.
  2. Your view of your social media feeds is organized by person, and the people are organized into groups—instead of one big mashed up feed.
  3. Clean interface allows you to see at a glance how many new posts each person has on each social network.
  4. Only posts from the last 24 hours are shown, in chronological order. You’re able to focus on the moment and not waste time wading through stale content and conversations.
  5. Periodic push notifications let you know if you have new posts in a group.You can turn off those noisy, often irrelevant notifications directly from the platforms.
  6. There are no promoted posts, ads, trending topics or other distractions. Just posts from the people you want to see.
  7. You don’t have to follow someone on a social media network to invite them to a group and use Xapnik to keep up with them.

How is this better for me than a tool like Tweetdeck?

Tweetdeck is a great tool for Twitter “power users.” If you want to increase your social media consumption, monitoring multiple lists, hashtags, accounts you don’t officially follow and so forth, it does the job well.

Xapnik is for you if you want and need to be on Twitter and/or Instagram, but you’re honestly wondering if the tradeoffs are worth it. You’d like to get the good stuff and opt-out of the bad stuff.

And, of course, Xapnik is one of the few places where you can see both Twitter and Instagram posts by your favorite people in one place.

Should I use Xapnik if I just have a couple of small groups of friends I want to boost on social media?

Absolutely! The free plan allows for up to three groups and is perfect for someone who wants to use it for personal purposes.