Amplify Each Other On Social Media

The easy way for your community members to boost each other on multiple social networks in less time.

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If a company can transition from simply delivering a product to building a community, it can unlock extraordinary competitive advantages and both create and support a superior business model. Specifically:

  • Enthusiastic members help acquire new members, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs and a tight viral loop.
  • Members are loath to abandon the community, resulting in increased retention and therefore improved lifetime value.
  • Members support one another, resulting in high gross margins due to a lower cost of service.

When Community Becomes Your Competitive Advantage

Save Time

Set it and forget it. Xapnik lets you know when there are new posts in your groups.

Get Organized

All your social organized by person, your people organized by group, & only the last 24 hours of content.

Grow Faster

When you engage with your community on social media they become evangelists for growth.

How is Xapnik different from other social media management tools?

Xapnik doesn’t provide scheduling, analytics or monitoring. It’s a community app that allows you to invite people to a private group where everyone can easily keep track of and boost each other on multiple social media networks.

How does Xapnik make it easier for my community to boost each other on social media?

  1. Your view of your social media feeds is organized by the person, and the people are organized into groups—instead of looking at one big mashed up feed.
  2. Clean interface allows you to see at a glance how many new posts each person has on each social network.
  3. Only posts from the last 24 hours are shown. You’re able to focus on the moment and not waste time wading through stale content and conversations.
  4. Push notifications let you know when you have new posts in a group.
  5. You can monitor not just social media networks but social sites for maximum coverage and efficiency.
  6. You don’t have to follow someone on a social media network to invite them to a group and use Xapnik to keep up with them.

How is Xapnik going to help me grow my online community faster?

When you boost your community members in your social media feeds, you deliver an incredibly valuable return on their investment in you. When you bring members together and give them an instant network of boosters on social media, you provide even more value that they can’t get anywhere else.

Members who get this outsized value from your community turn into the kind of evangelists that community leaders dream of.

Members actively boosting you and the rest of your community on social media create organic growth that can’t be bought at any price.

Should I use Xapnik if I just have a couple of groups of friends I want to boost on social media?

Absolutely! The free plan allows for up to three groups and is perfect for someone who wants to use it for personal purposes.